wtt angled leo vince pipe

I have a puch leo vince pipe that has been bent to fit on puch cylinders with angled exhaust ports like magnums and korados I want to trade for a different pipe that fits angled ports. I want my kickstand back. It has to be remover to mount this pipe

Re: wtt angled leo vince pipe

For sale - $70 shipped - very, very lightly used angled (flange rewelded) techno boss (black). Bought it from a guy who took it off a custom build from 1977 mopeds. I paid $70 for it, and ran it around the block once. So if you ever considered hacking and welding a techno boss, I have one ready to go. Maybe you can sell your leo vince.

Re: wtt angled leo vince pipe

I would rather trade or buy a better pipe

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