WTB moped in Bay Area Cali

looking to buy a bike from someone on Moped Army.

-Looking for a reliable moped that works but doesnt have to be too fancy.

-Needs to be able to go 30-40 mph

-in fairly good working condition

as this is my first moped buy, I'm looking for something simple, that does the job. It needs to be running ATM because I dont feel up to troubleshooting one just yet.

Models that I am very interested in:

-Puch Maxi

-Moby 50v

-tomos sprint

my budget is $200-$425. I am looking to deal locally and am very willing to meet with you. I realize that my budget might not be realistic with my expectations but please send me any offer that you think reasonable.

my zip code is 94306

Thank you for your time!

Re: WTB moped in Bay Area Cali

I have a complete puch freespirit ready to go.

I'm in San Jose, and would let it go for $400

e-mail me at trallpunk@aol.com to take a look!!


Re: WTB moped in Bay Area Cali


Re: WTB moped in Bay Area Cali


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