Random FT: Brand New Invicta 6620 Watch

Looking to trade a NIB Invicta 6620 II Collection Stainless Steel While Dial Men's Watch.

I got this for the holidays but its way too big for my dainty wrists. Brand new in box. I only took it out once and put it back in once I saw how ridiculous it looked on me.

Amazon had them on sale briefly before xmas for 69 bucks before running out of stock. They are normally 105-110.

Reviews and pics:


Stuff I need...

16 clicky SHA w/puch intake

Puch performance pipe that won't get in the way of pedals

70cc HC head

...basically I have an e50 with a metra 65 right now and need the above to finish up my magnum...so any of the above, whether new or in excellent working condition would be awesome. random trade...yes...but figured it was worth putting out there.

Re: Random FT: Brand New Invicta 6620 Watch

Brian got your email. Will take pics and respond when I get home later!

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