Lookin fer Hobbit jets

So boats.net has the 90 Keihin jet on BACKORDER and won't be avail. until 1/20.

Anyone on here have some extra Keihin jets for the stock Hobbit carb for sale? 88, 90, 92 ish?

Re: Lookin fer Hobbit jets

any honda power sports dealer, try bikebandit etc.

Re: Lookin fer Hobbit jets

mauvescorpion /

Yeah I tried to find it on bikebandit but I am dumb and couldn't match up the part number to anything they had. No Honda dealers in town either, only Yammy. Bummer.

Re: Lookin fer Hobbit jets

I actually think I do have some around here.

They were sold to me as 0.90 0.92 0.93 and 0.95

They are not honda brand, just a jet I found that works.

Since they aren't honda, I am not sure exactly what measurement we are talking about. Different companies have different ways of measuring their jets.

If you want them I could dig them out. I don't have a hobbit right now so its kind of whatever.

Re: Lookin fer Hobbit jets

drill it out!

buy a micro bit set that has a bit size .90 and youre good to go.

Re: Lookin fer Hobbit jets

mauvescorpion /

Yeah good idea Peter. You guru you.

That said, you think those jets are in mm, Tate? None other than Peter thinks that the Keihin jets are also in measured in mm, so those jets might work. I'll shoot you an email.

Update yer blog, Peter! I've enjoyed reading it and I'm gunna be kitting my Hobbit with the DR. Next blog entry going to be your take on the process of kitting and such?

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