WTB: Parts for an 82 Urban Express Deluxe NU50M

Hey Doods, I'm looking for a few parts to fit an 1982 Honda NU50M Urban Express.

1) Rear fender stay. 80106-GC1-000, that's the hoop that connects the fender to the muffler on one side and the transmission on the other.

2) Right hand mirror. 88210-GB4-505, Might take both if they are in decent condition.

3) Muffler protector. 18318-GC1-750. Might take the whole assembly if priced right.

4) Maybe a couple other small bits and pieces.

Email me with what you have. Thanx!

Re: WTB: Parts for an 82 Urban Express Deluxe NU50

what else you need urban wise ? You want fries wit dat ?

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