FS 78 50v Seattle

Looks like i have to sell my first bike...Its a 78 moby in pretty good condition. bought her from her original owner last year.

The good: Brand new sha15, malossi shorty intake, and i just installed a nos driven pulley. Also comes with extra new piston, pin, rings and an extra exhaust....was hitting 36 before the mounts busted...

The bad: she needs new motormounts, the stock ones have rotted away to almost nothing, putting slack in the belt making her very hard to start and super shakey. Shes gotten a little dirty but ill clean her before you come to get her.lol and she needs a rear tire.

shine her up and throw on some new mounts and youll be hitting those hills in no time...500obo


Re: FS 78 50v Seattle

just wanted to let you know i sent you an e-mail a few minutes ago in response to your ad, just to let you know. THanks - KB

Re: FS 78 50v Seattle

still avalable

Re: FS 78 50v Seattle

make me an offer

Re: FS 78 50v Seattle

Price lowered to 450

Re: FS 78 50v Seattle

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Are the bushing bad or have the motor mounts broken? Can you take a pic of what's wrong?

Re: FS 78 50v Seattle

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

I think he means the bushings. The rest of the mount is a bolt through the head. Not much to rot away.

Re: FS 78 50v Seattle

its the rubber in the mounts thats rotted away.

Re: FS 78 50v Seattle

Motobecane mounts are a rubber donut so to speak. with an outer ring that friction fits into a hole in the frame and an inner ring that the bolt goes through, with rubber in between the two to dampen vibrations. Motobecane motors rotate on the mounts to allow the variator to open(transmission to shift gears) new mounts are available from Quarterkick.com or you could make a post in Buy/Sell. there not that hard to find

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