wtb:Garelli NOI stuff

I'm looking for a working :

1.Huret speedo drive + cable

2.garelli oil plug (black plastic bolt) need three if possible

3.garelli noi performance pipe (motomatic or polini...?)

Re: wtb:Garelli NOI stuff

hey! you replied to my other thread.. instead of bumping it ill bump yours. my pipe is good as sold, sorry :/

puch pipes are good for noi... search the sand bending method to get that perfect fit.

what oil plug are you talking about? the tranny or for the oil pump?

Re: wtb:Garelli NOI stuff

billy, the oil plugs are sold @ auto stores but steel! so they never break. i got 2 random ones but they are really only 3 bucks for a 2 pack.

Re: wtb:Garelli NOI stuff

Cool thanks for the info....Hey Mykeeeey hows it going.

the engine you sold me needs alot of work it's pretty thrashed..but I swapped the kit

on to my engine w/ a 19mm carb & intake and as they say "it riiippps!". Dude the oil screw you have in there is way to long it's fucking up the tranny.

anyway did you get rid of the rest of that bike...I might be interested in the controls.

well ride safe and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Re: wtb:Garelli NOI stuff


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