Nice Mopeds For Sale Maxi N, SPR, Swinger 2

Swinger 2 with Polini and Biturbo. Titled in my name. It can get in to the 40’s pretty quickly and for short bursts but is most comfortable running at 35. A very nice moped. $550 and I keep the black plastic side covers as I need them for another Swinger of mine that is all yellow.

Maxi N with Polini, 12V CDI, 15 Bing and Boss (pretty sure) pipe. Case matched. This is the engine that I used for the "Rebuild an E50" article in the Wiki. It has around 50 miles on it. Can get up to 50 mph but it takes a bit to get there. Powder coated frame is not perfect but it’s been fine for me. A little weld would be advised at the left rear of the frame where the wheel mounts. I have driven it over 30 miles with a simpler fix but a weld would be better. Brake lights do not work. Titled in my name. $800

My collection of Motobecane stuff. Includes a super rare SPR that has run in the past but is not running right now. Titled in my name. Forget a Magnum – this thing would be the coolest ever at a rally. Also comes with two Motobecane SP50’s. Definitely project bikes but you could make one good one. Engines locked on both. Very cool also. Also comes with several boxes of Motobecane parts, mostly NOS for the 50V series. $800 for all of it. Oh, there’s an engine-less AV88 in there too.

SP50’s, AV88 and boxes of parts.


I am not parting out anything or selling individual parts from the Motobecane stuff so please don&#8217;t ask. I will not deliver or ship but I will meet with any shipper of your choice. If you have any questions, please ask. Yes, I already know that you would buy this stuff if you were closer. Get in your car and make the drive!

Re: Nice Mopeds For Sale Maxi N, SPR, Swinger 2

god I want that spr. want to trade?

Re: Nice Mopeds For Sale Maxi N, SPR, Swinger 2

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

Good seller!

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