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Hello honda camino/hobbit PA50 lovers,first of all hope you guys have had great christmas and going to have good 2010,a while ago i have started my own honda PA50 web shop see, to some guys the pirces seem hi prices but this is due to 2 things my self i need to buy it a the full euro price and and most parts are rare and for that one has to pay unfortunatedly, goog luck with alla your PA50ties, HONDA CAMINO/HOBBIT FOREVER!!! greetings pa50parts4you


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i was not aware that the polini h2o kit was still avaliable. is it?

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Wow. Um... 90 euros for points, 60 euros for just the handles for brake levers?

You are _definitely_ on the high side of the price scale.

Then again, you've got access to stuff that stateside people don't.

So, I dunno if you'll sell too many turn signals, points, and brake levers at high prices with international shipping, but you could probably make bank on rare (that's U.S. rare) kits and mag wheels.

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camino rear pulley.

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I can get u a used one with 12 to 1 gearing state side.

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This is cool.

There are a couple things there I haven't even seen.

Is that water cooled kit the 70cc or 50cc one?

We don't see too many athenas anymore either. Never seen that exhaust before. Never seen that boobtech kit either. At least not under that name.

If you had put this thing together and brought it to the attention of this site like 2-3 years ago, people would have eatten it up.

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- Summerai - Christine L /

I like how he jacked pictures off of treats for his site...

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