stuff for sale

i'm cleaning. need anything?

i have up for grabs:

Nice sachs g3 shocks

67? yamaha y1 tank, w no petcock

tomos rims( no axles) have sealed bearings+brakes

mb5 rims, need tires+ axles

tomos a35 cylinder, runs fine.

19mm dellorto sha clone( runs 6mm jets ) carb body.

stock tomos a35 intakes

a trac bottom end thats frozen+topend(no intake)

a set of trac hydro forks, put these on the g3 for mockup but went w an0ther set of taller ones instead, they are like ebrs

i have more stuff i'm sweeping out to, email me offerz


Re: stuff for sale

Do you happen to have a YL1 seat? Even just a decent seat pan

Re: stuff for sale

Dou hav an a35 intake for dellorto sha to get the carb out of the frame?

Re: stuff for sale

@ Salty, no don't have a seatpan right now but i know where a bunch of parts bikes are. . i can try to get out there and pull one

@ Steve, sorry no i don't have any a35 side mount intakes :(

Re: stuff for sale

Is the trac a 1 or 2 speed?

Re: stuff for sale

Yea, you were going to look for a seat pan for me but I forgot to nag you, haha. I also need a speedo and a front fender

Re: stuff for sale

no idea if the tracs a 1 or 2spd, its from a trac blitz if that helps?

Re: stuff for sale

yeah, i have tried getting ahold of the dude a ton of times, i will just have to go to his house or somethin n see what he has

Re: stuff for sale

how much for 19del carb?

Re: stuff for sale

25 shipped but i haven't heard anything back,

Re: stuff for sale

did you find any of the parts i needed? and im in no hurry i just want to get back to you


How's the inside of the tank? Any dents in the tank? What's the condition of the MB5 rims, any significant rust on them? How much?

Re: condition?

@ chris, no sorry i haven't been able to make it out and see what all other tomos stuff i have.

@ bill the tank is a little rusty on the inside, no dents.

the rims have surface rust on them

make offers..

Re: condition?

what rims are they

Re: condition?

the rims i have are white 5 curved stars for tomos

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