Need MB5 tank!

My MB5 is my daily rider and it has a hole in the tank that is finally beyond hope. I'm incredibly broke, so I'm going to put up some of my Moby stuff for trade. It's kind of a long shot but you know, why not.

Here's what I have that you want (this shit is brand new! Woah!):

Doppler Clutch pulley - the original awesome kind, sweet!

Polini 50cc ~Water Cooled everything + Polini Radiator (this is super hard to find, go on, try)

^ Also, I have already chamfered the kit + piston (and im really good at that stuff so it's super kick ass)

I need need need a tank (without holes!) so I can get to work, so I can save money to buy moby stuff back from you later, just kidding. Probably.

Oh I also have some high temp powder coated black e50 cases that are case matched to a polini. These are not new, and probably came from the Valhalla when Odin was into puchs. They're fucking rad.

I also have a puch manual with a ton of notes in it and some kick ass port maps, learn from my years of mistakes as a moped mechanic! And a vespa tuning guide written by Norrie Kerr?! Kick ass!

Don't post brand new tanks, because I don't want to part with everything of value I own, I think I can only find it in my will power to trade one of my moby things, but I can add other stuff too, there's a whole table of shit that I'll consider!

Lets talk!


Re: Need MB5 tank!

Re: Need MB5 tank!

I can't promise. I will go look at these mb5s I saw in the junk yard. If one is good i'll send it to you on the low. Not getting to work sucks, and getting rid of your teats sucks even more. I'll try to go look tonigt. If not, I'm off thursday.

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