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I am new to the moped world and i of course am looking for some son and i have came into a 1983 Trac Sprint which runs awesomely now that we rebuilt the crab and just about everything else...its been a blast.....father and son build....but we however can not find a few parts that we need and was wondering if someone out there may have them...

we need the speedometer cable, and the gas cap!!! and maybe the plates on the bottom that cover the chains and pulleys...

and there is a little belt that has teeth that i would also like to replace.....if someone could get back with me we would really apprerciate it...



Re: Trac moped parts

Wow, congrats on scrounging up the parts to actually fix up a've got some determination.

In Ohio there are occasionally Tracs on CL and I'm sure someone would be willing to part one out.

The easiest thing to do about the gas cap is just get a universal one, unless you are a diehard for authenticity. Might be the same deal with the speedometer cable (get a universal). If you actually care to see how fast you truly are going I would suggest investing $30 in a little bike computer; moped speedometers tend to be very inaccurate and more often than not, were just token efforts from moped manufacturers to comply with all states' laws.

Hope you pick up a second moped soon so you can go riding together.

Re: Trac moped parts

I need a pic of your bike I just parted out a bunch of trac and know for sure I have what you need. Send me an email

Re: Trac moped parts

yea i couldnt find much for parts as we just rebuilt a lot of the old was a great deal i got for $50...just need the few remaining part so i can let him ride...can you point me in the direction of finding the universal parts? i am hoping to find a second one also so we both can have one to ride on...

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