Garelli VIP

I have a stock VIP im looking to kit. Anyone have any goodies? Carb, kit, and pipe?



Re: Garelli VIP

Not sure how much you're looking to spend...

Re: Garelli VIP

Be sure to read up on that mec eur kit.... There is a lot of work to be done before you can actually install this.

Re: Garelli VIP

ive heard that vip's are not good to kit becuase they have rubber clutch and it will burn up quick

i have 2 1978 vip 2speeds both stock and i do 30 on a good ride,try a exhaust,carb,hi flow air filter and a diferent jet

before you kit,keep the pipe and carb in the small range

(14/12 del orto to a 58 jet with turbo pipe+hi flow air)

good luck ,i burn the clutch easy with it stock

see yA

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