WTT some of my mopeds for old VW bug

Yeah, that's right. I'd like an older VW bug and if you're semi-close to Kansas City and have something that might fit the bill and want several mopeds in trade, email me a picture and maybe we can work something out. No Supers unless it's a 74 Sun Bug like my first car ever!

This would be awesome if it worked.

WTT some of my mopeds for old VW bug

I have a few more mopeds than the ones in my profile if it helps at all. I guess I need to update my profile.

Re: WTT some of my mopeds for old VW bug

Bry, you do know what you can simulate the expericence of owning a beetle and its much less expensive right?

For the driving experience, just put a can of gas between the motor of your car and the firewall, turn off the heat, put your seat as close to the windshield as possible ,

Unplug 2 of the spark plug wires so the motor runs really erratic and quite shaky.

Then turn the radio to some really chezy AM station that plays a to of oldies or talk radio with static, then drive around town with the heat off and maybe a window halfway down.

Practice using an ice scraper to scrape both the inside and outisde windows while the seat is that close to the dash.

Cutting a hole in the floor and into your exhaust would work well for simulating the smell, but if you cant do this to your or your wife's car, toss an oily rag into the back and the passenger side should be ok.

For working on one nostaligia is easy, just work on you ped, but upside down while laying on the ground with a rag over your eyes so you cant see, and have someone drip hot oil on you every once in a while.

Just kidding im looking for one too !

Re: WTT some of my mopeds for old VW bug

Bry what shape are you looking for? I personally dont like the bugs but I am going to try and get into bus's. Maybe I could build you a bug, or at least find one in non running conditon and get it back on the road. You should come over and check out my lawn ornaments.

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