WHAT!?! An LTD for $450

Seriously, I want to dabble elsewhere with mopeds and Im hoping to find someone who wants to give it a good home. I will NOT part it out, but you can... I have a conscience. WIll ship at your cost or you can pick it up at the rally. I still need that list of parts in the link below.

Old ad for LTD:


Re: WHAT!?! An LTD for $450

So you are not a unicorn eater after all.

Could you email me a pic of the melted fairing and the dash. I can pretty much tell what the rest looks like from your other pic. Do you have the key? When is the rally?



Re: WHAT!?! An LTD for $450

can you send me some pics.

Re: WHAT!?! An LTD for $450

Mike I sent you an offer.

Re: WHAT!?! An LTD for $450

Two questions: Where are you located? and why do you say that the frame isn't suitable for a restore?

Re: WHAT!?! An LTD for $450

The dude before me nocked off the engine side cover mounting studs so it would be hard to go back to stock...

Re: WHAT!?! An LTD for $450

Rally is 1/1-1/3 in Phoenix az

Re: WHAT!?! An LTD for $450

does anyone know if this has been purchased?

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