wtb: mo ped mo pussy t-shirt

(Casserollers) Gregory B. /

yeah, yeah, yeah i know 77 sells 'em.

does anyone know who made them and how i can get a xl size t?

just shooting this one out there... don't know if it's possible or anything.


1977 Mopeds


Just read the title. I shoulda read the post. My bad!

Re: Opps!

holy shit i want it!!! yah if some one could make a xl or xxl i would SO SO buy one!

Re: Opps!

I also wanted one in medium but I missed out on the one and only limited run of these shirts. should have made some mo ped mo problems shirts too cuz its funny cuz its true.

Re: Opps!

You guys should just get some made on your own, then sell them. The font is plain sans sariff, just pick one you like put it at an angle with neon colors and bob's your uncle. Any of your local print shops/sign shops would kill for the busines and give you a good deal on them, prolly couple bucks apiece.


Re: Opps!

Dan Webber Kastner /

Bootleg 77 Shirts. Cool.

Re: Opps!

can somebody make me a bootleg Moped culture shirt! i dont care if you use an orange gildan heavy cotton t-shirt or heather grey. im not picky. size XXXXXXXL please.

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