Peugeot 102 & 103 parts

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The time has come to part out my 102... I also have a reed block and case for a 103.

Here are the pictures:

50cc 102 Parmakit

50cc kit that I never got to install since it needs a custom intake. I don't have the piston for this cylinder, but I think the replacement 50cc polini piston from Treats might work. Maybe even stock, who knows. This thing is ported to shit, and it needs reeds to really work, as it has 360 degree intake timing. Booster ports above the intake and eyebrow transfers

Ported 102 case and 102 crank

The case is matched to a ported stock 102 cylinder, not the Parmakit I'm selling. Needs new seals. The crank is fine, a little dirty but I never had problems with it. Includes the needle bearing. Case also comes with hardware and mounting brackets

Stock 102 head w/ decompression valve

Stock head sanded down a little for higher compression, comes with decompression valve

102 clutch and 5 coil stator

Yep, I have that 5 coil you're looking for. Buy it now please. Has new points and condenser, but I'll include the original condenser and points anyway. The clutch works fine, I put in a new clutch pad a little while ago

Stock 102 pipe

Not much to be said, it works

Ninja Warm Up exhaust

Worked great on my 102, I had a little threaded mount welded over the ball joint so it threads into 102 cylinders just fine. I only have part of the mounting hardware, so... have fun with that. Restrictor removed, also has some scrapes from coming a liiiittle too close to a curb

Polini SHA reed block for 103

Everything is there, never used, the block itself is dremeled out a little bit to match the gasket and case

103 Stock budget case

Brand new, comes with 3rd transfer. Includes studs, hardware, bearings, and seals already installed. The intake is matched to the reed block I'm selling above

Make some offers

and Merry Christmas you bastards

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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