504/1a carburator

hey does anyone have a carb that will work on a 504/1a that i can buy from them i really need a good one

Re: 504/1a carburator

Hey Joe,

I have used a round bing 1/14/160 on a Sachs 504 with good results. The intake is actually 14mm. The trick is that it has to go on at a VERY slight angle. If you put it on as far as it can go and as angled as little as possible, it will fit. You'll want to jet it right, but it will work -and it'll give you a little more giddy up. I had that set-up with a Tomos Bi-Turbo set-up and it worked pretty well and went about 35 on flats. My 2 cents. Sorry, I don't that carb for sale. I don't think the SHA 1412's actually fit.

Re: 504/1a carburator

the sha will fit, you have to do some minimal frigging about.

i have one of those carbs but look around here on the forum, motobrokane was selling one just the other day "clean as a nuns ass" as he put it.

I guess thats clean.

Re: 504/1a carburator

well if anyone has one for sale email me the price and a pic if possible to

Re: 504/1a carburator


I actually have an SHA 1412 for sale if you think it will fit (no experience here with using one on a Sachs). It's clean and in good shape though. I'm looking to get $25, shipped. E-mail me for details if you want it.


Re: 504/1a carburator

hey im going to ask a few friends if it will work ill get back to you in a day or so

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