WTT tomos nitro 50 for e50 maxis (MASS) $900

*PICKUP ONLY!!!! i will not ship, so this is more for people around MA area...

i have a tomos nitro 50 scooter (i was young and dumb) that i am trying to get rid of so i dont have to store it for the winter, plus i'm all about the puchs now. the bike has always been reliable for me, that is not the issue... i just prefer the feel and simplicity of puch maxis... i am looking to trade this for a few working e50 maxis or $ or a mixture of both.

the tomos is dark blue, 4-stroke 2 seater scooter. it tops out at about 32mph. i dropped it on the side in the rain once, but it just has a tiny piece of cracked plastic where the passenger puts their feet. it doesnt affect the bikes performance in any way shape or form. (i thought id be honest to anyone interested).

i am in central ma (right near worcester airport). i bought this bike brand new from a place in salem for 1550$ cash. i am the original owner, have two sets of keys, the registration (good til next december), and can make you a bill of sale so fast your head will spin. im a nice guy, and i want your maxis. bad.

the picture shows a red one, i just took this one from google...

lets work something out, i need money and hopefully some new maxis, my sn on aim is xsk3l3t0rx, so if you want a quicker response, just IM me there. i will check back here though as well...

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