WTT: sebring and custom maxi for deisel VW rabbit

sebring is 1980, stock, running with MO2 engine. everything works except cateye turn signals, just needs a new battery to hold charge.

maxi is 78 frame, and 74 e50.

-custom paint

-70cc treats kit w/ 70cc hi comp head

-delorto 16.16 SHA carb w/ 15mm intake

-Proma GP pipe

-new stator w/ 12v lights and internal ignition and NGK plug boot

-new chrome bars and magnum grips

-new petcock

Maxi is not currently running, but was hitting mid 40's before woodruff key sheared. I havn't had the chance to take it apart, but the kit is still like new... not even fully broke in yet.

I'm looking for a running 80's VW diesel rabbit, preferably 5spd, and able to pass inspection.

I would value my peds between $500 and $600 each, so if you've got a rabbit and want some cool peds, let me know.

motobecane sebring:

Puch Maxi:

both peds come with transferable NY registration.

Re: WTT: sebring and custom maxi for deisel VW rab

They arent too easy to find. I had to tear the head off this one and replace the head gasket, in the process of doing the brakes and lines...its not a diesel and I dont plan on getting rid of it. I got it because I needed something to haul peds around in. The buddy who gave/traded me this one has 3 others that are in various states of disrepair. I think I'll fix the gas versions first, then move onto the one diesel motor he has. They are fun cars. If he wants to get rid of some after I finish fixing them then I'll be sure to keep you in mind.

I still got your vase, its filled with coral that looks like flowers, its pretty nice cause I dont have to water it. Thanks

Re: WTT: sebring and custom maxi for deisel VW rab

i'm lookin for the smaller hatchback version.. the pickup versions are pretty rare. let me know if you run accross one for under a grand

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