WTT for a puch polini piston

I have some extra stuff to trade.

tomos silver bullet frame, fork, seat (rough), oil tank, rack

purple maxi frame and frozen fork.

maxi just the frame also purple.

tanks are all rusty.

garelli rally sport frame with no fork good tank though.

puch wheels spoked

some spare bing parts all 12 to 14.

e50 case. dirty but un matched to any thing

magnum engine covers, rear rack and cylinder and head.

some odds and ends that goo with the above bikes. fenders shocks and what nots.

I have the parts at my old place and can get pics if you want.

If any of that is worth a piston to you let me know. I still have the ring and every thing else. Oh its a b cylinder. so a or b piston right?

I know people _never_ ruin polini pistons so...lots of spares right?

Its a long shot I know but I'd give it a go and ask here before I buy one.

thanks for lookin.

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