Angled exhausts for puchs (any puch pipe)

So I see a lot of people looking for angled exhausts for puchs. For $30 ($40 for circuits) plus return shipping I'll cut and braze any pipe to fit an angled exhaust (magnum, korado, gila, MK, parma, tomos). The rear bracket may still need some fitting but no more the what you usually will run into (i.e. maybe drilling a new hole).

Just specify what cylinder, send me the pipe and in less then 3 weeks you'll be installing your modified exhaust.

Email me @ derek(dot)stahl(at)rocketmail(dot)com for details or requests.

I'll post pics of some of the ones I've done in the past in the next week.

Re: Angled exhausts for puchs (any puch pipe)

same name discount?

Re: Angled exhausts for puchs (any puch pipe)

You get the "same name" and "buddy" discount. Hit me up with what you need.

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