WTB, Minty ZA50 with oil Inj

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a low mileage nice ZA50 with Oil Injection from a Magnum MKII. Either a complete motor or complete lower end. Must be a known good runner in nice shape, shift perfect and be in bolt on condition with no pedal scratches. If you have one you're looking to sell, shoot me an email at ayrikzr1vet@aol.com with a price. I have an E50 I could swap, but only prefer to do that locally.


Re: WTB, Minty ZA50 with oil Inj

Bump :-)

Re: WTB, Minty ZA50 with oil Inj

damn i had the old motor from the brown magnum you sold me years ago until last year, it would have made a direct swap.

Flywheel key is still gaffed out of the crank but i just used to set it at 12 noon and crank the nut down. Chris paz rebuilt it and its been hauling my friend around somerville and martha's vinyard for all last year.

ill keep an eye out for one.

i do have a nice oil injectioin block one you could send out and have rebuilt. Its complete with injector but needs internal clutch cables ( actually i bet mars from boston can do that for cheap )

Let me know


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