WTB: titled puch frames!

yes, you need titles in iowa. so if anybody has any titled maxis, freespirits, pintos, magnums, darts, whatever, I JUST NEED THE FRAME. i have anything else.

let me know!

Re: WTB: titled puch frames!

I have a titled vepsa ciao that I might be willing to let go of. I'd have to look thru my pile of titles to find out what else has been titled but I dont know that I'd let go of any other mopeds right now. I might have a gold maxi with a title, but I'd have to check.

Re: WTB: titled puch frames!

dont need any vespa stuff, just puch. lemme know if that gold frame has a title.

Re: WTB: titled puch frames!

i got titled maxis in poor shape. but it wouldnt be worth it to ship em i bet.

well there titles from the 70's

Re: WTB: titled puch frames!

hmmmmm if they are garbage, and you think you would be willing to pry the VIN plates off, i'd totally pay for those with the matching titles, haha

i have my 3 favorite peds, i just wanna be able to register them, and this is how im going about it.

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