Complete Oil Injection System

I know everyone takes the oil injection system off their Tomos mopeds, but there has to be someone out there that loves the damn'm looking for maybe $60 shipped to your door..sounds fair to me because if you buy it at MopedJunkyard it will cost you over $150 shipped..your choice.

I have a complete oil injection system, from the resevoir to the banjo bolt minus the lines. Dellorto oil injector comes with shim, screws, banjo bolt, comes with plate that mounts to the crank. I'm going to clean up the resevoir real nice. I am not including the intake with the threaded hole because I need it, unless you want to trade me a regular 14/12 intake with no hole for the one I got.

I'll get a picture of everything later on tonight.

Re: Complete Oil Injection System

Luke Stavely /

Will you sell the banjo bolt by itself? That is all I need.

Re: Complete Oil Injection System

Wow..i forgot about this thread........

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