FS: Puch Maxi 77

This is a feeler. im not 100% sure if im going to sell this but if the price is right then i will sell it.

part list.

- sha carb

- biturbo exhaust

-65cc kit (not sure what kit it is but i can find out)

- new tires& tubes.

- red hand crafted set from nick at Choke(not in picture.)

-adjustable shocks

im sure there is some things that im forgetting.


i just recently got the engine mont studs drilled out and replaced them for and oversized stud. this bike runs well and i take it from my home in hollywood/ los feliz to manhattan beach a few times a week without nay problems. the taillight went out a little bit ago but other then that there is anything that is wrong with the bike.

was told that i could get 1000 for it and am trying to see how

Re: FS: Puch Maxi 77

Won't get more than $500 for it on MA... Better luck on CL

Re: FS: Puch Maxi 77

thank ya mangg.

another pic just for fun.

Re: FS: Puch Maxi 77

Is it just me, or did the exhaust change between the first and second photo?

Re: FS: Puch Maxi 77

Paint It Black - Rolling Stones

Re: FS: Puch Maxi 77

i used high heat engine enamel which is good up to 500+ f

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