want folding baskets

anybody have a set of them folding side baskets they wanna sell

yeah i know they sell them on ebay but man are they expensive i just want a cheap set i dont care if theyre rusty or whatever

Re: want folding baskets

you can get them in any bicycle shop for about $18. apiece. (or used at a co-op--do they still have "bikes not bombs" up there?).

Re: want folding baskets

yeah i know but im getting kinda low on money

i might be able to get a used set here cheaper

i seen bikes not bomb stickers but i never seen a store

Re: want folding baskets

Re: want folding baskets

Better Fส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ster /

I have a rusty set that came (stock?) on my old newport L. You can have them for free, but shipping might be a little spendy because they're sorta large even folded up. if you want them shoot me an email. I can get a pic sometime this week.

Re: want folding baskets

sweet how big are they

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