WTT: long seat for 1.5/murray seat

Just as the title says. I have a maxi style long seat that i hacked to fit a pinto frame. It's pretty ghetto though, so you might have to weld a new post on or something. No rips or tears. "puch" on the back is faded off, though.

Rips and tears are not a problem.

Also, feeler trade: black boss pipe for a circuit. Paint around the header is burnt off, but the rest of the pipe looks good. no dents to be found. Might be selling to a guy in our gang, but we'll see.

Email me!


dude I have your seat. down 2 trade. should\'ve thought of this when u were here...



i just thought of it this morning! any pictures?


I will later... I have a 1.5 seat for ya..


There are new ones for $12 on ebay. I don't think you can ship your trade for that price.



luckily dude lives 45 min away and is coming back to 216land for more ped punishment, haha!

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