wtb: pa50II

Hey I'm just seeing what's out there for cheap 1982 or 1983 pa50II's. Doesn't have to be running but what like it to be fairly complete and not a pile of rust. Also, the closer to Minnesota the better.

Re: wtb: pa50II

any pa50II's in MN?

Re: wtb: pa50II

I have an 81. Thats the first year with CDI and whatnot.

I am in Madison WI, but I am always up by La Crosse which is right across the river from MN.

Its complete minus the turn signals and some plastics. Let me know ifyou might be interested. You can e-mail me or whatevs.

Re: wtb: pa50II

trying this again. are there any pa50II's with a CDI in the midwest?

Re: wtb: pa50II

seized is fine...

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