Magnum tank Project

well because I cant find any magnum tanks that arnt beat to living hell, or rusted to shit. im now looking for something to use as a pattern to build an alloy tank or fiberglass. (yes I know how to do this)

So what do you have thats on the cheap? btw, if they turn out good I might consider selling them.

Also if you have a "nice" tank ied still like to find one :)

Re: Magnum tank Project

yo i dont have one for you. but i am really into your idea of building a fiberglasss tank. please keep us updated!

Re: Magnum tank Project

Jason Jason Bobason /

I thought about making a fiberglass tank. And then I thought about taking a spill, the gas tank cracking, and my beautiful ped going up in flames. No fiberglass for me :(

Re: Magnum tank Project

Thats a good concern, however if you crash hard enough to fracture a tank that has been made correctly with the proper amounts of resin/fiber, and with modern materials that can withstand impact better, Ied think you would have bigger problems to worry about.

Besides Im actually more interested in making an aluminum tank.

Re: Magnum tank Project

Put baffle foam in the tank and you'll be safe with a glass tank.

Two layers of 8ounce cloth, a layer of 12ounce mat, followed by another two layers of 8ounce cloth will get you a good, strong shell. If you crack that, whatever you hit has already killed you.

Re: Magnum tank Project

Aluminum tanks are prone to cracking from vibration. Make sure you put a lot of rubber between the tank and the frame. Don't use any direct metal-to-metal mounting methods.

Re: Magnum tank Project

trickmetric makes a good point about the actual lay up, if you hit something with a tank constructed the way he suggests youll have much bigger problems than a cracked tank.... and as far as the alloy mounting, i was planing on designing a rubber mounted system to prevent the danger of vibration on both alloy and fiber.

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