wanted: solid MB5 Tank

yep, i need one. mine is totally shot, wouldnt even be worth fixing at this point, SO many holes. almost LACE on the bottom, whcih sucks because its spotless inside. not even sure what happened.

anyway, if you have one that has NO holes at all, not rusty preferred, doesnt have to be pretty, let me know. i just need the tank, dont need the cap or petcock or the door thing or anyhting. i have all that other stuff.

not looking to spend a fortune so let me know what you have and what you want for it, shipped.


Re: wanted: solid MB5 Tank

i might know where there is a spare tank... i think... ill look into it and get back to you

Re: wanted: solid MB5 Tank

If you really do want a solid tank, you should check out a thread that was posted way back when, something about "de-performance parts." Some real idiot started that thread, but there was some good info in there. I know solid tanks can be had NOS, but you can also just get your old tank and fill it with epoxy, or concrete, or lead. Careful melting that lead though! Fumes are nasty.

Best of luck!

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