Honda MB5 For Sale

Here is what I know about this bike.

The bike is good cosmetically.

This bike has a European tank

The bike has a European headlight assembly (replaceable commonly available bulb) and not the sealed beam type. This is a great additional to the bike because the sealed beam lights are no longer available. If the bulb goes, it is easy and cheap to replace. The charging and voltage regulation circuit of the MB5 counts on the load of the headlight to prevent over voltage situations, so a working headlight assembly is essential.

I do not have the key for the bike. Currently I have the tumbler out of the key assembly and the switch can be turned manually. I have the pieces to reassemble it. Also, since the tumbler is out, the key number is visible and a Honda dealer can cut a key for it.

The bike ran a year ago. I have not started it since because it has no fuel filter. A in-tank filter needs to be reinstalled, or an external fuel filter needs to be added.

The bike needs an air cleaner element. I have the housing, but no air filter. The bike will come with a high performance cleanable air cleaner. I did not put this on the bike because I discovered that I would have to modify the air box to put it on. I felt that the collector status would be affected by the mod.

I believe all of the gauges/lights work. The turn signal wiring will need to be reconnected because the connectors are not fastened.

Looking for $500 OBO. Contact me if you would like more details. I am located in Orange, CT.

Re: Honda MB5 For Sale

oh, you can email me directly at

smason6 at


Re: Honda MB5 For Sale

emailed!!!! im really interested!!

Re: Honda MB5 For Sale

Here is one pic


Re: Honda MB5 For Sale

One pic


Re: Honda MB5 For Sale

I do have the title and can also include a bill of sale to this bike.

Re: Honda MB5 For Sale

Another picture


Re: Honda MB5 For Sale

Fish tits Krauthamer /


email sent please check it.

Re: Honda MB5 For Sale

Fish tits Krauthamer /

if my emails are not going through please email me

Re: Honda MB5 For Sale

man, i want that tank sooo bad.

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