FS: Vespa Ciao

1974 Vespa Ciao

Stock daily runner

Broken turn signals

Side panels and rear panels in great shape


Oh, I'm asking $300.

Re: FS: Vespa Ciao

Where are you? Profile says one thing (Ohio), Email says another (Chicago). Won't get much response if we can't figure out which.

Re: FS: Vespa Ciao

I'm in Lima, Ohio. If my e-mail address were "kzonthemoon@gmail.com," would you think I were on the moon?

Re: FS: Vespa Ciao

well I think lost a possible buyer with that comment.

Re: FS: Vespa Ciao

Boo hoo, Selling mopeds here is somewhat a seller's market. I would buy that ciao in a second if I were in ohio, regardless of what kz says.

Re: Vespa

No offense taken, though someone who puts chicago in their Email address when they live in Lima may be longing to get out of Ohio :-). How much mileage do you have on the Ciao?


Sold to Devin.

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