FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

I want to sell my Pinto to fund a new project. I would like to get 600 for it.

Malossi 60cc kit with 200 miles or less

Techno Bullet Pipe

SHA 16 w/ K&N Filter

Custom forward facing intake by Ryan Bandit

Cat Eye turn signals that may or may not work

40mph speedo

This bike runs great and all of that. Tops out around 40ish. Jetted slightly rich for breakin, but never changed it...

The motor has never been rebuilt. I normally do this, but didn't on this one. I was going to make it super pretty.

No transfer matching done.

Will throw in a new Pole Position Seat and some low bars.

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Also have new tubes and tires, for it that will be included. Pole Position seat is new. Never Mounted. New Drive chain and new pedal chain...

Make offers... I've got 800 or more in it? So I'm not even trying to make all of my money back... This is a cosmetic project that I never finished.

Paid 450 for bike then bought all this:

New Tires and tubes

Malossi Kit

Sha 16mm Carb

K&N filter

Sweet custom intake


Pole Position Seat

Drive chain

Pedal Chain

Low bars

The bike runs great, lights work, etc. Just not pretty right now.

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Also has a new 50cc high comp head on it... Forgot to add that to the list...

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

you got mayo

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

prolly too rich for my blood. I'm all about buying frames lately.

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Thanks for the bump... I would probably take 500 for all of this action. Picking up a new bike this weekend and have no room. I can't ship though.

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Tell about that SHA.... I can't get my fwd facing 16mm to idle right.

Not to thread jack... maybe just email me?

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Mine idles perfect. What jet and intake are you running? What filter? I think there is an 88 main in mine.

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Pablo Puchasso /

Rad intake.


Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Ryan Nichols from the Bandits makes them... Seals perfectly on the SHA without the shim...

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

oh my god i just bought kits and clutches and forks .wwwwwhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy.

bump. good good deal

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Please don't make me have to put this on ebay!

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

500 bucks...Make me an offer. Money plus an A35 KIT, PIPE, CARB? I need tomos A35 perormance stuff.

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Saturday afternoon bump. No offers? This moped runs great and has loads of sweet potential. Inside of the tank is great in case you were wondering...

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Make me some reasonable offers...

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

clean the secret idle passage

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Do tell... When a bike won't idle and it's clean and you think the jetting is close, I always think air leak...

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

he means that little itty bitty hole that acts as the idle circuit for SHAs that isn't on the emulsion tube. its easy to miss. if its slighly clogged it wont idle for shit. most people don't even know its there. but yeah mostly they are airleaks like chris said.

ps. bandit stickers for added value.

Re: FS Kitted Pinto- Pics

Someone get this already. 500 is a good price!

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