f/s BLUE MAXI socal

This is a TITLED (DMV registered) 1977 Blue Puch Maxi Built and tuned by Shaw Millner.

Porting and case work done by shaw. this puppy flies. GPS'd at 53mph.and im 200 lbs...

never had any problems with it. it has been rebuilt from the ground up. everything is new.

New crankshaft

new tires

OG 5 star Mag wheels (not Replicas) off of creature graham

new cables

new Forks/stabalizer bar

custom lowered/hacked seat

new shocks

new bearings and seals

ported 65cc Metrakit Ported and case matched by Shaw

19 Dellorto Race Carb

tank is CLEAN!

Bullet exhaust system

Tons of other little stuff.


fork are now Black EBR's

anyone who has been on recent myrons runs has seen it. its super solid and always ahead of the pack (well right behind alex and his arciero)

i Love this bike, poured waaaaaaaaay more than 1200 into this. but right now i need to get outta debt before the holidays...

serious buyers only and if i dont get the asking price im keepin her. thanks for lookin.

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Re: f/s BLUE MAXI socal


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