FS: RICHMOND, VA - General top tank

Check the pic.

General 5 Star top tank. Minarelli V1 engine. Runs good.

Cleaned the carb and changed the fluids. Headlight and tail light work. Cosmetically, some light rust on frame, wheels, and tear on back of seat. When I picked the bike up, It didnt have spark and a circlip had moved in the clutch making it a little loose and unable to kick over. Fixed all of that and have been riding it around for the past two weeks to check for any bugs in the system. No problems.

New stuff:

-new stock exhaust

-newer shocks (makes it ride like a cadillac, dont know what they are off of)

-new fuel valve, fuel line and fuel filter

-new piston and rings

-Brand new gas cap with keys (which is very hard to find)

$575, not really looking for trades or anything.


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Re: FS: RICHMOND, VA - General top tank

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