WTB: Square Bing Jets.

I know it's kind of a long shot but I am looking for 50's and 60's range jets for the square bing (I think korado's had them or something). Thanks.

Re: WTB: Square Bing Jets.

***Kim Jong illest*** /


only place i know of that youll find em.

OR wedge a round bing on there

Re: WTB: Square Bing Jets.

that's right. forgot about handy bikes.......... I may have intentionally forgot though, because I'll get burned on shipping.

I'm sending it to my parents which are very close to you. They are in Pavilion. I made my pops go pick up a maxi and he fully restored it and ported it, well a bunch of mods. sweet.

Re: WTB: Square Bing Jets.

Puch have round bings man, sachs have square bings.

Unless I missed something, you need regular bing jets.

I think I saw a thread somewhere that you could throw a round bing jet holder into a sachs bing and its all good. I could be totally wrong though.

Re: WTB: Square Bing Jets.

i think he's talking about the square bing that came with the corado, its not the same as the sachs thing

handybikes burnt you on shipping?

Re: WTB: Square Bing Jets.

Not literally burnt me, that's just silly. Shipping is expensive. I paid over 20 bucks shipping for two front sprockets, not next day or even 3 day. ouch.

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