Random Puch parts!

The cold is coming and it is time to start clearing out the garage for winter projects! I have some random parts up for grabs. Shoot me an offer (email is most likely to get you a response) if you want something, and I'll send you some pictures!

Until I dig a little deeper in to the mess... I have:

-Stock Magnum exhaust, chrome in pretty good shape

-Bi-turbo, modified for ANGLED port usage. (perfect for anyone who doesn't want to put a new cylinder on their magnum)

-Stock pinto 2 exhaust

-stock 50cc cylinder/head/piston off of a Pinto 2 (e50)

-stock 50cc cylinder/head/piston off of a magnum

-bing 14 mm carb/intake (very clean)

-headlight assembly (complete with good bulb)

-headlight bucket (nothing but the black plastic and metal rim)

-two magnum air filters

-set of magnum side covers

-horn off a magnum

-stock magnum handle bars

-stock pinto handle bars

-e50 2 shoe clutch

-stock crank (e50)

I think that beez all... who knows...

Re: Random Puch parts!

I am interested in the side cover for the electrics side and the whole headlight bucket and all.

Re: Random Puch parts!

shoot me an email with an offer if your interested

Re: Random Puch parts!





Re: Random Puch parts!

how much for stock mag pipe?


Re: Random Puch parts!

FYI: found a 12mm bing/intake as well

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