Rent two Puchs in SF?

I'm looking to rent a pair of clean, well-running late-'70s Puchs for my sister's wedding, which is being held next May just north of San Francisco. They're not going to get a lot of use--just a quick celebratory ride or two. I can pick them up and return them anywhere in the Bay Area. This is for the first weekend in May, 2010.

Re: Rent two Puchs in SF?

***Kim Jong illest*** / you FULLY insure them? like, $3000 deposit?

1st time riders + chapagne + no insurance = crash + trashed bike + lawsuit.

i think it would be best if you BOUGHT them, then sold em after the wedding

Re: Rent two Puchs in SF?

They're not first-time riders--they both have mopeds, but since they live across the country, it's not feasible to bring them for the wedding. At any rate, I'd be happy to put down a deposit.

Re: Rent two Puchs in SF?

maybe '77 can hook you up.

Re: Rent two Puchs in SF?

Cool. Thanks for the tip!

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