wtb: velo solex

interested in buying a solex. I have parts to trade or cash deal.

Re: wtb: velo solex

Stuff I will trade or partial trade for a solex.

-16.16 sha dell.

-14.12 sha dell. drilled out to a 16mm

-leo vince pa50-II pipe

-a nice baby blue bravo frame w/ a clean tang

-stock vespa engine turns freely

-maybe a motomatic destroyer pipe for a sweet as solex,maybe,maybe.

-or cash

I would be willing to send a reinforced box for shipping.

Re: wtb: velo solex

there's a guy in St. Louis that has a bunch,,,oh yeah ,,he has separation anxiety


Re: wtb: velo solex

As you see, he and his cohorts like to terrorize Saint Louis on their Solex evil machines!!

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