WBT: piston whipped longshot

I know it's not really the "thing" but if anybody could get me a carb for a 1980 honda Aero 80 that would make my friend one very happy camper. but just a flier.

Re: WBT: piston whipped longshot

nobody? sad day

Re: WBT: piston whipped longshot

WTF? Seriously?

Unfortunately, I'll be using my only Aero 80 carb on the Aero engine that powers my moped.

Plan is, though, to swap it for a Polini PHGB copy and upgrade the pipe. So, I might have an Aero 80 carb for sale eventually.

Not this weekend, though.


Mention that the Aero 80 comes stock with what is essentially a very good 16mm two-stroke carburetor.

It uses standard Honda intake bolt spacing, but there are all kind of crazy hoses running to it (vacuum line, oil injection, and so on).

Point is, you don't _need_ an Aero 80 carb for an Aero 80 engine - you can use a whole range of appropriately-sized carburetors. A cycle junkyard will have 80cc two-stroke carbs that would fit - possibly even some that would allow your friend to keep the oil injection system.

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