WTB: Tomos perf. Pipe

Title says it all.

Reallly just about any tomos pipe as long as it's in decent shape.

Circuit is good

Estoril is nice

technigas is fun

Biturbo is a goood one

Maybe a custom?

Just about anything.

Don't wanna spend more than $75

Please e-mail me

with a picture and price.



Re: WTB: Tomos perf. Pipe

Eric Mouradian /

you can buy a new techno bullet on www.treatland.tv for 65 plus shipping. better to buy new at that price.

Re: WTB: Tomos perf. Pipe


Thanks Eric.

I had a techno just don't like the performance of it.

Anyone have a biturbo?

I prefer used to keep price down.


Re: WTB: Tomos perf. Pipe


Looking for more midrange

Re: WTB: Tomos perf. Pipe

dont drive our car for a week, only ride your ped, save 30 bucks buy a new estoril or seomthing of the sorts, something better than a bi turdo. most over rated pipe out there

Re: WTB: Tomos perf. Pipe


I have had just about every bolt on pipe out there,

biturbo is one of my favorite top end pipes.

They are built like shit but, I weld the silencer as soon as I get them.


Re: WTB: Tomos perf. Pipe

Hey man I have a tomos estoril (great mid!) that I have already modded by removing the rear restrictor. It had only been run on my friends bike for a little bit but he actually preferred the top end of his old techno bullet so I still have it. I will sell it to you for 75 + shipping even though I'd be losing big, but I'd have to get paypalled tonight so I can buy this other shit from this dude on here. email me.

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