WTB: Carb for Magnum MK II

I have two mopeds that I picked up and need carbs for. I have a maxi and a magnum...........let me know what you have!


I paypal promptly!

Re: WTB: Carb for Magnum MK II

I've got a stock 13 bing & intake off of my magnum. And I may sell the 16mm SHA dellorto I have on it now. The bing probably needs some cleaning up but the dellorto is nearly new (only about 25 miles on it) I also have a 15mm SHA dellorto off of my garelli. All reasonable offers accepted. I'm planning on upgrading to 24mm carbs this winter, so the old ones got to go.

Re: WTB: Carb for Magnum MK II

give me a price........ email me!

Re: WTB: Carb for Magnum MK II

ok, I got one on its way, thanks walt.

Just need one more! Let me know guys!

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