Running moped $200 in PA

Here is a solid bike with a morini engine. Runs fine, brakes and lights work. Its slow, a 20 mph model. Buy it cheap and make it fast over the winter! Possibility to get a title through some out of state stuff since it came from florida. Buy it so I don't have to glare at it all winter!

Don't mind the stand in these pics, I have replaced the center stand since these were taken, and also put a nice airbox on it.

Re: Running moped $200 in PA

do you live in the Philly area? I might consider 160. thanks

Re: Running moped $200 in PA

I am in philadelphia, but the price is $200.

Re: Running moped $200 in PA

200 is a great deal. i considered buying it just to flip it. dont sleep on this great price!

Re: Running moped $200 in PA

Do you know anyone driving to the Pittsburgh rally tomorrow? Friday?

If so, I'll buy it (PayPal), and chip in on gas for whoever brings it (cash).

I'll be checking my email.

- James

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