sears sabre

Hi my name is Doug, im new to the site and I recently bought a sears sabre.Jts a 50cc with a 4 speed manual clutch. Iv had the bike runing but it needs a new carb speedo cable clutch lever and the tank is full of rust. It was in a storage shed for at least the past 12 years I have had the engine off the bike to cleen it up, I honed the cylinder and put new gaskets on the head and bottom of the jug, I also cleaned the rust off of the chrome with steel wool and waxed the paint and polished the covers on the motor . It does have quite a bit of pitting in the chrome but it turned out great. Id love to keep the bike but I realy cant afford to put any money into it and I realy dont have the time. Im asking 500.00 but Im absolutly sure its worth more than that even if you parted it out. Im located close to st, louis mo If your interested please call or text me at 636 328 3971


Re: sears sabre


there is a yahoo group for Sears Allstate bikes. you might want to post this there. people who own and collect these bikes would be your prime market.

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