Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

Ben, I might have some controls. I'm gonna have to look though.

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

Heather must've still been signed in when I wrote that last message, that previous post listed as "Heather" was me.

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

150 dollars for snow flakes.. for a puch.. with brand new Tires and tubes. ready to bolt on 45 tooth sproket

the cdi's i have are puch only come with the stator ,flywheel, and cdi box.

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

I've gotten a couple of emails about the metrakit phbg air filter, so winner take all first person to show me a useable set of puch controls wins. that and beer I'm bringing beer for the meet & greet @ the chech republic SOO stoked. and the sha air filters & cdi are spoken for. but I'm bringing all types of odds & ends to swappy tradey (puch jugs)

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moonshiner, is the 1.5 seat you are trading the one that has the the small rack downward-slanting rack on it? Thats the one I want. :)

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

its not suppose to downward slant .. thats just bent from some one sitting on it

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

it is the one that comes on the maxi MKII. I'll bring it if you want it. I really don't need much for it. If you want it to be super nice you are goiong to have to re-cover it.

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

that being said the MKII seatpost was the bolt-to type but iether way I'll bring it and beer, holla

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So, this is probably last call for a Hobbit pedal spindle. Anyone?

It's exactly like every other moped pedal spindle in the world, except longer (and thus easier to shear and harder to replace).

Damn Honda for ripping off an Italian moped design then having it built in Belgium.

When did that ever seem like a good plan?

Oh... right. The late 1970s.

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

Bump! Cleaned out my garage on this beautiful day. Found 2 sets of maxi forks + fenders, some handlebars, a seat, some vintage adjustable motorcycle length shocks that might fit a magnumb. i dunno, haven't measured them. a voltage regulator, and other goodies.

heyyyyy ben, i found puch controls. well, a puch control. its for the left side. find me and you can just have it. i'll have a silver helmet with a pokemon sticker on it on my head.

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

CHRIS measure the shocks for me ,i need some magnum length or longer

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

thanks dooder, I got all kinds of puch, jugs & heads.

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

he wants a Sport seat.. not a 1.5 like the seat that comes on the pinto.

yes it comes on maxi mkII's

bring it

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell


Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

I'm in the Burgh, I have a handful of controls, wheels rims, fenders, pegs, lights, brakes, seats etc for 77-80 NC50 honda express, plus a complete tranny side case with working pring loading starter foot peg and spring

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

see you there, bring controls, I have beer and lest i forget tales of adventure.

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

Ϫ‡☄ಬ∞ ƀƖḬƝƊ ƤǂƿƎ ∞ಬ☄‡Ϫ - Hoke from Black Pipes Moped Gang /

i need a silencer for a proma circuit. if you have it, bring it.

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unfortunatly I will not be able to make it for the rally this weekend. My work travel plan got changed. I was really hoping to ride down Leticoe St and see my old house, the oakland strip, and Southside...bummer

I am now coming up November 8th through the 13th. I will be bringing some parts if anybody from SHS is interested:

- Pinto frame-no title

-complete loose bearing snowflakes (puch)

-Trac eagle top tank

-puch Maxi shocks

-stock jug and head for e50 (w/piston and ring)

-Puch handle bars (stock)

The above parts was a top tank conversion project that went need for the parts anymore.

Let me know if any of SHS needs the parts above. Not trading but cheap. I would sell all of the above for 150 bucks cash money

Have fun at the rally and post a TON of pics!!

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

Beat! That sucks Conor. Come ride when you're in town!

Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

So I've got the following

3 mirrors (2 bar end and 1 attaches to hand controls)

1 set of Tomos shocks

1 set of Tomos side covers (black)

1 set of Tomos 2008 mag wheels w/ brakes, bearings, and 1 tire and tube (grey)

If anyone wants the wheels let me know. I'd hate to drag em there just to take them back home.



Re: Piston Whipped Buy/Sell

what kind of beer/booze do you like rick

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