Puch Maxi Bing Carb Throttle slide stuck

Hey just got this Puch Maxi the other day and looking to clean her up and get her running. Was stored for years with stuff in the tank so the tank and carb are all gummed up. Got the carb cleaned out and everything working smoothly in it except for it seems like the throttle slide is stuck closed. Not sure the best was to unstick it without breaking it. It's kind of stopping me from being able to get the throttle cable out of it too because there's no room to manuever it out with the slide closed tight. Anyone have any ideas how to unstick it and get it moving smoothly?

Also, I've heard a ton of different ways to do it but does anyone know an easy and CHEAP way to clean all the gunk out of the tank? Doesn't seem too terrible on the inside but it definitely has been sitting for a while.


Puch Maxi Bing Carb Throttle slide stuck

I'm an idiot. Put it in wrong forum. Ignore this post and answer in repair if you know. Thanks.

Re: Puch Maxi Bing Carb Throttle slide stuck

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Wrong forum. This is buy and sell . take carb off and clean

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