CANADA - mopeds for sale?

in calgary, alberta, Canada. any mopeds for sale here? it seems no one locally can sort the difference between scooters and mopeds. one is good, the other is awesome. let me know if you've got something, running or not. cheerio!

Re: CANADA - mopeds for sale?

Sean Scudder (Crash) /

Depends on what you're looking for. In my experience, good luck finding a Puch, you pretty much have to import those... Motobecanes and PA50's are more common, and there's a few FA50's kicking around here and there.

I don't know for sure, but it seems to me like Alberta would be one of the last places you would find a moped... unless you're lucky enough to catch a chinook, it's pretty cold riding for a majority of the year... amirite? You must have balls of steel if you can ride your ped from november through march..

Anyways. Good luck my friend! If you're ever in BC give us a shout.

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