FS broken puch exhausts

okay, so lots of people e-mailed me about the exhausts I posted, I replied back to all of them, and now nobody has replied in over 24 hours. I suppose those people still have first-ons, if they reply soon.

again, I have a broken techno boss, and a broken proma circuit pipe (welds cracked on em) and the proma has a second break near where the baffle mounts, it also comes with a brand new baffle. lookin to get about $30 plus some shipping if you're far for the techno, and about $70 for the proma, same deal with the shipping

neither pipe comes with any mounting hardware or a gasket....

email for pics

Re: FS broken puch exhausts

I emailed you, never heard from you and never got the pics.

Re: FS broken puch exhausts


Re: FS broken puch exhausts

okay, just sent out an email to everyone with a link to pics.... let me know if you don't get it

Re: FS broken puch exhausts

Got the email this time. I'm going to pass on the exhausts. Thanks anyways buddy. GL with the sale!

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