$$WTB$$: Puch fork headset + brake actuators

Looking for a 26mm Puch Maxi headset + bearings. Preferably new without anything wrong with them (no rust, etc.) or I'll pay for a somewhat beaten up set - but not that much. Treats is outta stock!

Super bonus if you also have brake actuators with the hook for the knarp on the end. My current ones don't have a proper hook for the knarp to go in and the shitty bolts that clamped the cable down are stripped. Multiple attempts at making replacement bolts have failed and failed again.

I WILL PAY YOU $30 SHIPPED FOR TWO ACTUATORS IF YOU HAVE WHAT I NEED! SCORE! MUST include pictures so I can tell if they will work or not.

email: artificialharmony@gmail.com


What do you mean by "actuators"? Shoot me a picture, I'm sure I have what you need.


By actuator, I mean the part that goes on the brake plate on the wheel that the cable attaches to. The metal arm that makes the connection between the actual nub that turns the brake plates to the cable. There are a number of different types of them, and mine are shit!

Sorry! should have been more specific.

My camera is charging right now...can't get a pic >.> stupid old thing...

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